Apple iPhone 5 Launch : All You Need To Know [Round-up]

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The current day technology trends talk about nothing but Samsung’s record breaking Galaxy devices, and Apple’s already successful line of iPhone smart-phones. Surprisingly the one Apple product in light and attention is not one of those devices already launched by the Cupertino based giant, rather its the much speculated Apple iPhone 5 which has yet not been released. This is not all, no body even knows how the device will look, when Apple iPhone 5 launch is scheduled and at what price it will hit the international markets. Still, it is one of the hottest topics across the internet, and here we are presenting a report of all we know about the iPhone 5, its design and expected release dates. We have concluded the following information from reports all over the world, and it also includes some information from our sources worldwide. Here you go, Apple iPhone 5 launch- All you need to know,  right after the jump!


Apple iPhone 5 Launch – All You Need To Know

apple iphone 5 design

Apple iPhone 5- Already In Production

The recent news comes from our friends at WSJ claiming that the upcoming Apple iPhone 5 launch is scheduled for this fall and that the production has already begun in China. To be precise, the report claims that Apple’s component partners have already started manufacturing the new iPhone 5 parts. Further, the companies like Sharp, LG and Japan Display ,Inc are working on the new parts while Wintek will not be involved anywhere in this upcoming venture.

If the reports hold true, then Apple iPhone 5 launch should be scheduled any time between September-October. The display thickness is said to be reduced by  half a millimeter, using the in-cell display hosts in iPhone 5 , in-turn improving the on-screen image quality.

Apple Designed Nano-SIM Cards

Now this is something really interesting. Apple has altogether adapted a totally new type of SIM cards for its upcoming iPhone 5. Better known as Nano-SIM cards, the report claims that production for such SIM cards has already begun in Europe where carriers are stockpiling these nano-SIMs. Considering the size, the nano-SIM would be 40% smaller than Apple’s present Micro-SIM. Surprised? So are we!

apple iphone 5 launch

We had earlier seen reports where Apple was said to be developing new SIM cards for its upcoming iPhone 5, but the reports coming from our sources in Europe claiming that carriers have already started stockpiling them confirms the news.

Metal Body, 4-Inch Display And Slimmer

We have also been informed that the mobile industry is expecting a new design of iPhone 5, which will be much slimmer that the current iPhone 4S, and will have a metal body with parts of glass to it. Apart from the changes in body, the Facetime camera is said to have moved to the center. A 4-inch display, and a smaller charging dock are other changes expected in the device. Anything else would be confirmed only after Apple iPhone 5 launch is confirmed, which may be anytime soon if the reports are true.

The 4-inch display facilitates wide screen 16:9 aspect ratio, which will be a major upgrade considering that Apple has kept the display almost stable  and consistent in its previous iPhone devices.


For us, the report claiming that the device would be much thinner and sleek is the big news! It also informs us that Apple will be using LiquidMetal technology for the chassis of the device. Other tech experts have mixed response regarding the same. Some say that “Will be the biggest product launch in consumer electronics history.”

We are keeping our mouth zipped until we receive any further information regarding the same. Also, we are hoping that Apple iPhone 5 launch is announced soon by Apple, so that would shut much of these rumors and we will get to have a clear picture! Let us know your views via the comments section below. And yes, remember that you saw this first on Gadgec! :)

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