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by admin on June 12, 2012

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Finally the much awaited, the much anticipated and the much hyped showstopper of todays WWDC 2012 event is here. Yes, we have finally seen the glimpse of all new iOS 6, which according to Apple is now the world’s smartest operating system. I am overwhelmed with the features and performance actions of Apple’s all new iOS 6. The conference room saw a huge applause as soon as iOS 6 came on the screen. Some of the features included with iOS 6 are a canned responses, Do Not Disturb functionality, and finally FaceTime over cellular network (There was a Cydia tweak for this since ever, though! :p )

Apple’s Scott Forstall was seen stating the following in the event:

You probably have been in a meeting where you can’t take a call, but you want to text back, or remind yourself to call them later. Now there’s a new tool in the phone app where you can.


Canned reponses are the ones which you can select as a response to a phone call when you don’t wish to receive it. A location based Do Not Disturb adds to iOS 6’s charm. The feature introduced for the first time notifies you when you cross a particular region after Do Not Disturb has been activated. Another awesome feature is the unification of Apple ID and your phone number, which means that when you receive a call over FaceTime or a message over iMessage, you can respond to the same using your iMac or MacBook.

Next in store for iDevice users is the Facebook integration, which took a while to actually get implemented with the iOS. We have earlier seen Twitter integration in the iOS 5 which lets you Tweet out media and other stuff with a single tap. Similarly, you would get a dedicated Facebook app on your iOS 6, and sharing photographs or videos on Facebook will be a tap away!

Also, the Facebook app is being integrated with Game Center, iTunes Store, iBooks and much more, so that you can simply like your favorite stuff out there.

facebook integration ios 6

Now since a lot of other minor changes are being observed, how can we forget our beloved Siri that came into existence due to iPhone 4S. Siri has been upgraded, or made smarter I would say. She can now tell you score of your favorite sport online including other stats regarding the game or the players as well. It also tells you height, weight and other stuff about the player. Cool, eh?



Another good news is that the new iPad is finally receiving Siri support. Well, Apple got a little late in integrating Siri with its new iPad, anyway, I am still happy with the decision finally implemented successfully. Below is an image of Siri on all new iPad:

Siri-iPad wwdc 2012

This is not all. Siri now comes with support for major vehicle manufacturers like GM, BMW which lets it integrate with the car system, and you can control it using steering wheel buttons. It can also open apps now. Another integration feature is the support for Rotten Tomatoes thus you can review movies, rate them and watch trailers.


Apple has surprisingly removed Twitter integration with iOS 6, though you can still send out tweets using Siri. Here are some cool Apple statistics you might want to see:

• Apple sold 365 million iOS devices through March
• a cool 80 percent of users are on iOS 5 versus just seven percent of Android users on Ice Cream Sandwich
• there are now over 140 million users on iMessage
• 150 billion iMessages have been sent
• more than a billion iMessages now get sent each day
• Twitter saw a triple three times increase in the number of iOS sign ups since iOS 5
• users have sent ten billion tweets from iOS 5 devices
• an astounding 47 percent of all images shared on Twitter come from iOS 5 users
• GameCenter now has 130 million accounts, with five billion scores and 67 of the top 100 games supporting the service
• iOS user satisfaction score is more than 75 percent versus less than 50 percent for Android

Finally, we can see FaceTime working successfully over cellular data. Though this task had been established using tweaks from Cydia store on jailbroken iDevices, this is the first time FaceTime would be officially made available over cellular data network.


Next is another exciting feature from Apple, the Apple Maps as they tend to call it. Apple has finally discontinued support for Google Maps and added turn by turn, 3D Flyovers and Siri integration to its Maps. Integrated with Yelp, Apple Maps is the destination for thousands of business worldwide, simply on the map now.

apple maps ios 6

The Apple Maps would also be seen featuring major incident reports, collecting real-time traffic conditions. However, we doubt that this service would be available for limited number of countries! Voice over interaction has been enabled backed by Siri for Apple Maps. 3D models of cities worldwide have been rendered, thus giving birth to 3D Flyovers feature.

apple map 3d flyover

You can also rotate the view, switch between 2D and 3D view and Satellite view as well.

PhotoStreams can finally be shared between iOS users! Yes, PhotoStream has been a beautiful feature since ever, but it was limited to one specific device earlier. Now you can share photos on the fly with specific iOS users. You can share them with your family, friends and any one you want. You can also share them on Facebook, since it has been integrated this time.


The iOS 6 beta will be available for iOS users starting today. You can directly update your iOS devices using iTunes, however keep in mind that the iOS 6 is not yet jailbroken. If you depend on software or hardware unlocks, we recommend you to keep away from this update before a green signal is received from Dev-Team members.

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