Create Apple ID Without Giving Credit Card/Debit Card Details To Apple

by admin on July 13, 2012

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Apple is mysterious in its own ways. Every then and now we see unlock hacks, activation spoofs coming up from our friends at the jailbreak community, and we seriously love them for taking care of this part of Apple which deals with jailbreaking, unlocking, activation and other baseband related stuff. Now, something strange has been happening recently! You must have noticed that if you sign up with Apple for an Apple ID, Apple does let you create one for free, but it does not let you by pass that page which requires you to fill-in your Credit Card/Debit Card details. Thousands of people are usually stuck on that particular page and bypassing it had become a problem. We have been receiving emails regarding similar problems from many of our loyal readers. So, we finally came out with a working solution for you. Now, you don’t need any Credit Card/Debit Card or any private information to be entered, while creating an Apple ID.

For those who are unaware, Apple ID is an authorized Apple account from the Cupertino based tech-giant, which you require for downloading any app, using any Apple service like FaceTime on your iDevice and much more. So here you go, right after the jump!



Apple ID Without Giving Credit Card/Debit Card Details

The procedure is simply, easy to follow and does not require any jailbreaking or hacking on your iDevice. It’s simple playing with Apple’s policies ;)

1. First, on your iDevice, navigate to the App Store. Navigate to the Top 25 tab from the bottom navigation bar and then select Top Free option.

2. Select any free app and choose to Install it. When you hit the Install button, you will be asked to sign-in with your Apple ID. At that instance, simply select the option – Create New Account.

3. When you opt for creating a new account at this moment, you get an additional option at the page which requires you to enter Credit Card details. Simply choose None as the payment method option and you are ready to roll!


That’s it. You don’t need to provide any Credit Card details, nothing private as well. Now you can download and install your favorite apps from the app store, and use Apple’s services without any trouble.

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