Apple Updates iOS App Store Layout In iOS 6 [Images]

by admin on August 31, 2012

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So the next generation operating system for Apple’s iDevices is all set to be unveiled along with the next-gen iPhone, most probably and now we can see updates and new features being introduces in the beta version of famous iOS 6. Often called as the smartest operating system for smartphone by Apple, iOS 6 features over 200+ new functions and capabilities which were never seen before. Much of it will be unveiled only after Apple releases the full and final version of iOS 6 for general public. In the meant time, Apple seems to have updated its iOS App Store in the iOS 6 with something more shiny, and definitely lovable!



What looks like card-based search results to us, is how you will see search results in the App Store on iOS 6 once you search for your desired application. The earlier layout looks pretty dull and un-responsive in comparison with this new layout which is more glossy and shiny. However, the old App Store layout, used in iOS 5 used to display more number of search results thus saving time and energy. The layout in iOS 6 is designed to display only one result per page. The large card-based layout might lead to a time-consuming process when searching for an app, but for sure it carries everything it needs to be the eye-candy.


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Same as seen on the iPad looks more appealing, providing more extra space for more card-based applications coming up on the same screen. While iOS 6 is still in beta version, we can expect things to go up and down before the final release which is expected in the coming month.

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