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by admin on July 24, 2012

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We are living in an era where running out of space has become a common phenomenon. The world is moving towards a better storage facility and is ready to accept the change gracefully. Yes, we are talking about the Cloud Storage services which have emerged across the web lately. Soon we are going to witness Microsoft Office 2013, which is totally a cloud -based application. Apart from that, cloud-based operating systems are under development. All you need to do is hit the power button of your computer or laptop and you are good to go. Anyway, we are only going to talk about things which are already existing in current day, specifically the best Cloud Services for Android smart-phones, right after the jump!



Android Cloud Storage Services – Top 3

We have compiled a list of top 3 Android cloud storage services you can use, if you want to store additional data or backups of your data on cloud servers, right from your Android smartphone.



Google Drive is our personal favorite cloud storage service, recently unveiled by Google in its I/O Event 2012. Apart from its flawless performance, Google Drive lets you grant access to users in any part of the world so that they can explore or modify the data backed up on their cloud storage. This is one of the latest Cloud Storage services from Google and is much easier to use as well.

You simply need to install Google Drive client on your computer and your Android smartphone. Afterwards, once you drop files into the Google Drive folder on your computer, they will be synced to your smartphone within no time, provided that you are logged into the same Google ID on both the interfaces.




DropBox is one of the oldest cloud storage services and has been delivering excellence performance considering the user reviews and ratings for this service. However, you need to upload the data on the DropBox website first to have them stored on your Android devices as well. Some important features include easy file editing, downloading of videos and photos easily, multiple data upload simultaneously and data sharing!





Released in later part of June ‘2012 specifically for Android smartphones, Box OneCloud has been able to set-up a decent reputation across the Google Play store. It provides you a bit more advanced editing options along with data sharing capabilities.

One good thing about this service is that you can directly upload data like images, videos etc. directly from your SD card and visa versa. Here is an official video explaining more of this cloud storage service:


You can use any of these utilities for backing up or storing your data on cloud servers. Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed!

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