After Cydia App, Fake Activator App Rises In Apple App Store

by admin on June 24, 2012

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One thing in which Apple has always been strict, secure and brilliant is maintenance of its application store, yes the famous App Store. Always free from malwares, trojans, adwares and other forms of security threat, Apple’s App Store has definitely succeeded in maintaining some specific standards when it comes to the types of apps which get approval and are further included in the app store. However, things have changed a bit recently, when we saw a fake Cydia app in App Store, which was nothing but a simple snake-game illegally using the name of famous jailbreak app- Cydia.



Recently, I came across another such fake named application while searching for some app in Apple’s App Store. The app, having the name- Activator, reminds us all of the famous jailbreak tweak which lets us add shortcuts to almost any utility on iOS devices. But hold on, this Activator app from the App Store does not do any good to us, rather its just another crappy wallpaper-maker app included in the app store with this name.

Seems like there is something terribly wrong with App Stores censors,  since they are including such apps in its store. First the famous Cydia app, got included in the App Store and turned out to be nothing but a silly game, and now another such activity. Some developers are really trying to print money using names of already established jailbreak tweaks!

The Activator app from App Store is available for $0.99, and though we don’t really recommend you to go for it, you can still download it if you want to see what it is, rest it is nothing but useless!


Strangely, there is no piece of note or disclaimer in the description part of this Activator tweak in the App Store. Let us know what you feel about these fake apps coming up in App Store, via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed!


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