5 Most Entertaining Websites of 2015

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With the entire world now accustomed to clicking, swishing and tapping their way across the World Wide Web, the competition between websites is now immense, especially thanks to internet users’ hunger when it comes to all things hilarious, fun and entertaining. Every year, a select crop of these websites truly rise above contemporaries in terms of visitor numbers and reputation, and 2015 is has been no different. There have been lots of ‘viral’ sites rising to prominence this year, though its not just click-worthy sites that we think were the best of the year.






Everyone nowadays needs cheering up sometimes; work stresses, life issues, relationship problems; and fmylife.com is the panacea to our own personal problems. The site allows users to post their own cringe-inducing, awful, embarrassing stories for the world to see, read and giggle over. With some of the stories posted on this site you’ll definitely feel better about your own stresses. An excerpt reads- “Today, a girl said to me, “Sorry, but I have a boyfriend”. I hadn’t said anything to her. FML”. Wonderful!


I Waste So Much Time


Procrastination is the blight of our internet-obsessed, work-from-home times, but unfortunately it’s sometimes completely unavoidable. Iwastesomuchtime.com does its best to ensure your time procrastinating is at least more interesting than endlessly flicking through Facebook, posting all of the best images, videos and stories from around the world.




There’s so many different gaming providers out there, and this year one has risen head and shoulders over the competition; MrSmithCasino. The brit-themed site is an excellently crafted, user-friendly game portal, with hundreds of games, great customer service and excellent deals and offers to boot!




Though at times controversial, Reddit, the image and text forum where users congregate around topics known as subreddits, has really been a fixture of the internet this year. Redditors are a motley bunch, known for putting the world to rights, sharing all manner of stories, pictures and lessons with the overall community. Enter at your own risk!




For browser games, Kongregate has time and time again shown that it is the king of the browser. Thanks to support for the browser-based Unity engine, where gamers can play fully HD, 3D games merely in the window of their browser, the site is a must for gamers. The site has a huge amount of its own titles, an achievements and upgrade system built in to the regular free membership, and players can even play completely 3d MMOs over their browser! Madness!

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