5 Amazing Features Of New Outlook.com Which Make It Unique

by admin on August 13, 2012

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A beautifully sewed clutter free design, neat layout and easy navigation. These are all the salient features of the Outlook.com launched recently by none other than Microsoft. I have been personally using Outlook for Windows for the past few years, but the newly launched Outlook.com look un-resistible and I had to try it for 2 days specifically.  While using Outlook.com for 2 days, I came across a number of amazing features of this new mail service, which are fresh to eyes, and increases efficiency exponentially. Here are few of the amazing features of Outlook.com which you can’t miss. Personally, I would recommend you to take a day off your regular email client, and try Microsoft’s Outlook.com. It surely has a lot more to offer, but here are some of the features I liked the most.



#5 Generate Alias Email Address

Now this is one amazing feature I have been using for the past 2 days. You can actually generate disposable email address from within the Outlook.com dashboard easily. This feature shares a similar concept like the Burner app which generates alias phone numbers , i.e if you don’t really wish to share your Email Address with a non-trustworthy person or organisation, you can simply create a temporary email address for yourself and use it for a short duration of time.

Outlook.com allows you to create, delete or even rename the existing alias email address with a simple click. Simply navigate to Settings>More Mail Settings>Create A Outlook Alias to start with.


#4 Blacklist Particular Domains Or Email Address

We hate spam, and we are sure even you are no good with it. Outlook.com lets you blacklist a particular domain, or email address easily. Now, you don’t need to hit the Unsubscribe button every then and now to get rid of useless mails and what not. Simply select a message, hit the Sweep tab>Delete all from… and check the option saying “Also block future messages“. That’s it. You would no longer be notified of any incoming email from that particular domain or email address.


You can also blacklist email addresses and domains in bulk. Simply navigate to Settings>More Mail Options>Preventing Junk Mail and add the emails address or domains there.

#3 Sort Emails According To Their Size

No body wants large-space-consuming emails to be stored in their mail boxes. Though Outlook.com provides unlimited storage space apparently, it is always good to keep your mail account neat and clean.

You can sort your mails according to their size in the new Outlook.com.


#2 SkyDrive Support Gives It A Cool End

With Google and other tech giants going for cloud storage these days, Microsoft decided to add SkyDrive support to the new Outlook.com which will help users to share particular information in a more secure way.

Further, Microsoft’s Outlook web apps including Excel, Word and Powerpoint are included making things much easier for you.



#1 Social Network Integration And Unified Experience

And the best feature of Outlook.com according to us is its complete integration with various social networks including Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and hopefully Skype in the future. This means soon you will also be able to make video/phone calls to your Outlook.com contacts with support from Skype.

facebook integration outlook.com

Further, Microsoft has unified its Outlook.com, which means if you choose to use Microsoft’s Active Sync, you could access emails and Outlook Calender right from your smartphone or tablet devices. Cool enough, eh?

We are totally in love with this amazingly fast and responsive email service from Microsoft, and it is for sure a +1 from our side. For more, keep subscribed!

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