December 2012

Top 5 Technology Failures Of 2012 To End This Year

December 31, 2012
technology failures of 2012

So the year 2012 has finally come to an end, and no doubt this year has been the best when talking about the revolution in technology we witnessed this year. Some of the most awesome innovations in the field of technology are not always a success, in an era where smartphones are getting taller and […]

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Installous Shuts Down – Here’s Alternative To Download Free iPhone Apps

December 31, 2012
Installous alternative installous shut down

So just a day before the New Year eve, we come across the years most disheartening news relating to Apple products, specially Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. In case you are a jailbreak fan, just like us, we are sure you would have jailbroken your iDevice , mostly for the free apps we get […]

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Write For Us And Get Featured On Gadgec

December 29, 2012
write for gadgec

It’s time when the holiday spirits are high, that too all over the world. The year has apparently come to an end, and we at Gadgec have successfully completed 7 months of activity, in the field of blogging. Well, the results have been fairly good, as we are at a constant rise, both in terms […]

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Poke App By Facebook Lets You Send Short-Life Messages

December 22, 2012

The social media giant is now not all about a wall, a timeline, some pictures and posts. Facebook has no doubt extended its services beyond imagination in the last few years, not to forget the makeover it brought with the Timeline-like profiles, and now Facebook released a Poke app for iOS users which lets you send […]

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December 21 ‘2012 End Of Earth News Is Fake [Mayans Calender]

December 21, 2012
end of world is fake news

Alright, so as we can see, social media is already overflowing with status, posts and what not relating to the December 21 ‘2012- End of World news we have been hearing for over  an year now. Well, the day is almost over in India now, i.e 21 December 2012 is almost over here, and trust […]

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FutureMe.Org- A Nice Way To Leave Notes To Yourself In The Future

December 20, 2012

While going through my Facebook news feed this evening, I came across a pretty cool service I wasn’t aware of before. It’s a website active for years now, and trust me, the service it provides will blow your mind away but not now, in the future specified by you. How cool it would be, if […]

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How To Kill An Unresponsive App On Your iPhone Easily

December 19, 2012

There are times when your favorite devices start becoming a piece of trouble for you, for instance the app you once opened, is not willing to respond when you have other things to do with your phone at that moment. Restarting your iPhone would be a time consuming process, for instance you need to make […]

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iOS 6 Jailbreak For iPhone 5 – 10 Things You Need To Know

December 19, 2012
ios 6 jailbreak for iphone 5

Ever since the Cupertino based giant unveiled the all new iPhone 5, people have been going crazy over the jailbreak issue which is no-where near discovery at the moment. We have seen a number of people claiming to have found a way of jailbreaking iPhone 5, specially the iOS 6, but all settle down with […]

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Google Drops Google Sync Service After Dropping Free Google Apps Support

December 19, 2012

The year 2012 has nearly come to an end, and seems like some of the Google’s services share the same status. Last week we saw that Google dropped the support for free Google Apps edition, and now Google discontinues Google Sync service for the non-paying customers. The Google Sync service which was based on Exchange […]

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WeChat Is Another WhatsApp Like Messenger For SmartPhones

December 14, 2012

Have you been looking for a WhatsApp Messenger alternate recently, and still waiting for the right choice? Well, seems like we have just the right app you needed. WeChat is another instant messaging, file sharing, and apparently video chatting application recently launched which claims to offer a better functionality and user experience as compared to […]

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