September 2012

Top 5 iPhone Video Converters For iPhone 5

September 30, 2012

iPhone video converters is something you would require at one specific point, in case you are an Apple iPhone user. The reason being evident, that iPhone doesn’t really support much of video formats, and one of the format loved by Apple is MP4 or h.264 which is easily accepted by iPhone, iPads or iPod Touch. […]

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Chit Chat Is The New Facebook Messaging Client For Desktop [Sponsored]

September 30, 2012

Whilst it’s debatable over which of your Facebook profile pictures is your best or as to whether you really should be on Facebook for the fifth time this morning, one thing that isn’t quite so disputed is that instant messaging on your desktop with a “proper” Messenger application is much easier than using your web-browser. […]

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How To Remove Tinting From iOS 6 Status Bar Easily [Jailbroken]

September 28, 2012
antitint ios 6

Apple’s iOS 6 might just be the thing for Apple’s iDevices at the moment, there are a lot of Apple customers who didn’t really like some of the iOS 6 features. One of the annoying feature of iOS 6, as per reviews is its tinted status bar which wasn’t much loved by people using iPhones, […]

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Apple iPhone 4S Vs Apple iPhone 5 – Comparison Of The Screens

September 26, 2012
iphone 5 vs iphone 4s

It’s been a while since the Cupertino based giant unveiled its present generation iPhone, or the Apple iPhone 5 as the world knows it now. While Apple has brought about a good number of changes in the iPhone 5, specially a larger display, we got our men springing in action to actually conclude how good […]

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Jailbreak Apple iPhone 5 Running On iOS 6 – Already Possible [Images]

September 22, 2012
apple iphone 5 jailbreak

It’s just been a day when Apple released its next generation Apple iPhone 5 for public officially, and we already have answers for those asking the same question again and again- How to jailbreak Apple iPhone 5? While jailbreaking a new iPhone has never been so quick, we can see the jailbreak-community already stretching their […]

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Apple iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S3- Ultimate Damage Test

September 21, 2012
apple iphone 5 vs samsung galaxy s3

So the Apple iPhone 5 is now officially public, and we were actually able to spot it in the grey markets of India today. While the stock was limited, the same was being sold at a price much higher than the one revealed by Cupertino based giants- Apple in the grey markets of India. Anyway, […]

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Jailbreaking And Unlocking Info Before You Upgrade To iOS 6 Today

September 19, 2012
jailbreak and unlock iOs 6

It’s going to be live, and in action within few hours. Yes, we are talking about the smartest mobile operating system as claimed by the Cupertino based technology giant, Apple. iOS 6 is all set to be unveiled for the general public, i.e if you are an iDevice owner, you will be able to upgrade […]

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Hold On To Your Roots Webmasters, As Google Rolls Out Panda Refresh

September 18, 2012
google panda refresh new

It all seems to be a never ending phenomenon for a lot of bloggers, ever since Google rolled out the first Panda Update in February 2011 devastating a lot of websites all across the web. “Google’s Panda Update is the worst or the best thing for a website”. This statement is now well accepted by […]

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Windows 8 Release Date- October 25 ‘2012, Microsoft Sends Invites

September 18, 2012
windows 8 release date

We are eagerly waiting for the most hyped and smartest desktop/tablet operating system from Microsoft- Windows 8, which is expected to be unveiled at a media event on October 25 ‘2012, in New York. The Windows 8 release date is now evident, and Microsoft has recently sent out press invites for this event which is […]

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Gadgec- Monthly Overview August ‘2012

September 16, 2012

I know I am late this time for publishing our monthly overview for the month of August ‘2012, however I had my own reasons for not showing up. Well, no excuses now, and here I am presenting to you Gadgec- Monthly Overview August ‘2012. So far August ‘2012 has been the best month for us, […]

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